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CSE 4613/6613 Bio-Computing

Fall 2019

This course covers essential programming skills for computational biology, problem-solving, and use of specialized biocomputing libraries. The objective of this course is to provide students from the life sciences with the computational skills needed to processa nd analyze modern high-throughput data sets from genomics and proteomics experiments. Credit will not be given to students matriculating in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering degree programs. This course is normally taught in the fall semester.

CSE 4623/6623 Computational Biology

Spring 2019

This course focuses on the computational analysis of gene sequences and protein structures on a large scale. Algorithms for sequence alignment, structural and functional genomics, comparative genomics, and current topics will be studied. This course is a requirement for the Certificate in Computational Biology and is normally offered during the spring semester.

Computational Biology Certificate

Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates Available

Degree-seeking students at Mississippi State University may earn a Certificate in Computational Biology by completing the required coursework. The flexible curriculum allows students to complete two required courses and then select three courses as electives. 

REU in Computational Biology

Summer 2020

Since 2010, Mississippi State University has offered an undergraduate resrearch experience in computational biology funded by the National Science Foundation. This program brings 10 students to campus for 10 weeks during the summer to perform mentored research with one of our faculty members in the area of high-throughput genomics, population genetics, machine learning, high performance computing, visualization, and other areas. Students enrolled in an undergraduate degree program that are US citizens or permanent residents are eligible to apply.

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